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Of course some did overpay for dogs and a lot of those "bursts" sold in the '90s were in fact fakes. Those people also deserved what they got.

It has been estimated that there are several times as many "50s bursts" around as Gibson ever built.
The saying is,"1500 were built, and only 2000 survive."

If that's true of Bursts, imagine how many fake Fenders are floating around that have now been legitimized.

Anyway, anyone has owned and played many 50's Les Pauls will tell you that there are great ones and not so great ones from the player POV. They are like everything else made in a factory from variable materials. Their iconic nature emirates mostly from the fact that in the late 60's through the 70's, guitars sucked. So, the serious players seeked-out the better guitars of the 50's and early 60's. I've played newer Les Pauls that I can definitively confirm are better guitars than some 50's Les Pauls I've had in my hands. It is what it is, mythology aside.

Were they better overall than newer guitars. Yeah, probably. The woods were better than what we have today. And they have certain qualities that guitar players have come to desire, qualities that are hard or impossible to reproduce because of changing manufacturing and material availability, so that makes them... unique. "Better" is subjective.