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Wow, you are a dirty, dirty slut.

One day many months ago when I moved some boxes it made me realize that the PCB box was quite heavy so decided to measure its weight.

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I'm sitting on about 6x PCBs or sets of them, and was feeling weird about adding much to that.

Thanks in part to your confession I'm now sure that I'm worrying way too much about my 6 sets.

Six project is nothing. You are safe. Just add some more.

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Dear lord. We definitely need more pics :D
More pics of this disaster? No way. It would be like accepting that I have a problem. I don't have a problem. Everything is under control.

Better will post a pic with one of my cases (although I said I will not ).
This is probably my most stable one. I mean, in this case only sometimes I remove a couple of modules and replace them with orphans.
The other cases till now were always continuously evolving with only a number of modules remaining constantly installed.
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