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I have no idea why you’ve posted this, but random internet dude does not equal fact.

Now look up tchad Blake - check his credits. All itb. Andrew Scheps. Now all itb. Serban. Itb.

The list can go on. But it’s getting silly. In the time it’s taken you to most about it, you could have improved your own abilities.
I still like outboard gear and think it generally in a one to one shootout beats plugins, but mixing isn't a one to one shootout. Mixing ITB is different. It will always be different when you use different tools.

Still, that first hardware Vs plugins video is James Lugo's old video from 2016.

James later sold much of his outboard and his console to go UAD with burl summing, saying he kept what couldn't be replaced yet.

Here's the same guy in 2018. He walks through @12:00, joking about replacing his SSL

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