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That's great to have so much additional detail about the space these are recorded in...thank you on behalf of everyone who has interest in the way the Tiny Desk series is captured

When it comes to what the mics actually see/hear however, it's effectively a pair of absorber/diffusors behind the players (ie the bookshelves) at right the team there have created a relatively reflection-free alcove for the band (notwithstanding the low ceiling height...but even that is possibly perforated acoustic tiles, like they use in school classrooms ?)

I don't know where the instrument amps are located, perhaps under that desk in front of the players...and perhaps we're getting a blend of miked cabinet plus DI/line-out sound ?

So I'm puzzled as to whether the large acoustic space surrounding them actually has much bearing on the sound we hear, compared with keeping levels low, self discipline and internal balancing via arrangements.... plus careful mic selection ?

I don't see any monitor wedges for players...that would add to the general dB level being pumped into the space, and is likely thus "not cost effective"?
Can’t say what they did specifically for this concert but in a couple of how-to videos in the past they mention using a direct lineout or micing amps. Also for drum kits they mention Steve Remote’s “single mic at right knee” or Glyn Johns
2 OH and mic inside the kick.

As I recall the visible ceiling was approximately 10’ up (acoustical tile?) in typical drop ceiling.

As I recall, the floor was carpeted and combined
with the nearby absorption and diffusion plus relatively close micing ( I believe the engineer
said the ceiling mics weren’t used much) made for
fairly controlled acoustic. Being in a large overall space completely avoided issues with a boxy
lowend that you deal with in genuine small rooms.