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Originally Posted by studer58 View Post
Here is fortepiano sample B....
B for me.

I’m not sure what the yardstick is or was for these recordings, but to me B is a totally acceptable recording, i.e. if I stop ‘listening’ to it as an engineer or a critic and just let it play, it’s quite nice to listen to.

I think it’s important to be able to disconnect ourselves from our process as part of evaluating recordings. I learn a lot about my own recordings by leaving them playing in the background while I do other stuff (wash dishes, check emails, social media, etc.) that takes my mind off the recording itself. The things that really annoy me will stand out over a few repeated plays, while things I thought were going to be annoying turn out to be nothing.

I would not try extracting anything from A to add to B, at least not to start with. I think that will just make it messy. I’d be inclined to work with what was captured in B, because I think everything you need is already in B - maybe just not where you want it or how much of it you want.

The only thing I’d be considering addressing is the width, and for that I’d be attempting a bit of MS to bring up the M; hear what happens. That’s always a bit random with AB but it has worked very well for me in the past, and saved one or two recordings from the scrap heap.

And also, just for curiosity value, I’d be inclined to run it through RX7 Elements’ De-Click module. If you get the settings right, it will take the hard attacks off of those notes and help mellow and round the sound out a bit. I use that trick a lot for the metallic percussive stuff I’ve been recording in Bali lately - hard wood mallets hitting thick metal bars. Super fast attack transients. De-Click mellows them out very nicely. It’s just an experiment, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but if B was my recording it’s one of the things I’d be trying... (It’s Plan B when I should’ve used ribbons but instead used SDCs, LOL!)

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