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Not all small rooms sound in point (with 11 players all giving their best, and very good clarity for all) :

Keeping a lid on playing volume, good arrangements and intelligent choice of mics all play a part here...the Tiny Desks are model exemplars of making a small space work...and let's not forget that they squeeze an audience in there too !
Actually it’s a small section of a very large “open
plan” floor in NPR’s Washington building.

To the left rear in the above video it is wide open to a very large open space with many desks with low cubicle dividers. To the right rear is a wide corridor to the central open atrium with stairs and elevators. To the left front is a low divider and on the other side is the engineer who records the concerts on a Sound Devices 788.
Besides the many mic MKH418 there is a pair of ? Schoeps MK4’s hung from the ceiling roughly above where the camera is located.
The video is shot roughly on the diagonal of this