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Dude first of all that is righteous, very rocking, and the guitar tones and playing are awesome. And the whole thing is super tight, very well done.

The biggest thing to me is the drums sound a little too robotic, so they're not really gluing super well in that respect. Also, I don't listen to too much metal, so I could be totally wrong here, but the kick feels a little too clicky and out front. I know metal kicks are prominent and clicky but my ear is wanting it behind the guitars a little more.

Back to the slightly robotic drums though, the cymbals could also feel more human and exciting. Maybe play with more variability like with velocities, different cymbals, etc, but also, for the whole drum bus, try a little compression, either light compression over the bus or blending in a heavily compressed parallel. I know hard rock drum sounds are different from metal drum sounds, but still, for anything heavy, I like to feel the drums breathing a little bit, it feels like heavy tracks need that movement, and it always fits well with huge guitars that are naturally so saturated and compressed.

Then how much have you experimented with compression over the whole mix? I'd play around with typical settings, 1.5:1 or 2:1, compressing anywhere between 1 and 4db, see if anything in there starts to glue the track together for you.