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While I do have a quite large setup these days based around Reason / mac, I just love this small setup I did today, or the idea of it, dunno until I work with it really lol. I picked up the extremely underrated S-2000, a machine I used to have around 20 years ago. And I had fun with it then. Now I've gone full circle with Reason / kontakt etc and back to the oldskool stuff. Reason for picking up the S2K was simple. I've had tons of fun with the S1000KB and made many new sounds with it and the 2000 will be fresh to add as it has better filters, better multi possibilities and more voices. The midiverb 4 (another machine I didn't use for about 2 years) is connected to the S1000KB's FX send so I'm hoping for a little S1100 vibe there. Just finished connecting everything now and I added my Minibrute 2 as a little sideorder to this dish.

I must say as well that it's really a good thing to split up a larger setup into sections like this, as it is much easier to connect just a few instruments - I've got 10 other machines and it seems to take forever for me to connect them properly. So procrastinating this is a big problem for me, but working with a small "project studio" within the studio room feels fresh and inspiring.

I must admit I didn't find the idea of using an S2000 etc inspiring at all for years but like I said, full circle and back to the roots. This will be fun!

I've got many computers just waiting to be back in cyberspace including a G4 MDD so I'm toying with the idea of installing OS9 on it and actually using Mesa & ReCycle via SCSI like I did with a PowerMac 8600 in about 1997-98. The only thing I don't have is a SCSI cable, I think i trashed about 50 of those around 2002-ish *sigh*...
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