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Make your own for about $1300. Order your dream neck and an ash body with your favorite finish from Warmoth, your favorite tuners and wire in some Bill Lawrence pickups. In the end it will be a better guitar.
+1 on that ..

have had a few strats .. including
a '63 strat .. rosewood f.board ( sold it in 1970 :-( .. )
an 82 squire JV .. rosewood f.board ..
a couple of others not worth mentioning as they were crappola ..

for various reasons decided to make my own from parts ( bought from w.d. music )
one piece swamp-ash body .. vintage style maple neck .. s.d. and k.armstrong p.u.'s
graph tech tusq. nut .. titanium saddles .. ..
parts + finish material cost aprox. £600 ( usa $729 today )

that were in 2012 .. necks seem to have gone up in price now ..

worked out well .. plays better than the squire jv .. ended up selling that one