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Here for the gear

I work for Catch The Moon Music, have been a professional producer in the L.A. area for about 5 years. I've had a pretty good amount of success with sync. Songs of mine have been featured on international ads, shows, movies and in-store radio.

It honestly saddens me to see people slamming Cathy Heller, who is one of the kindest people I've ever known. We just wrapped a small sync conference in L.A. called SyncKeepers where we brought in some real heavy hitters from major studios, video game companies, trailer houses and licensing agencies. Lots of panels and networking opportunities. Many of whom our students made direct contacts with through our song listening sessions. It was really fun, and the whole thing felt like a family get together. Everyone cheering everyone else on, seeing everyone growing as songwriters, producers and artists. And celebrating the real breakthroughs folks repped by our agency, and others that have taken what we taught them and started hustling on their own, have had.

There's no "magic bullet" with being successful in sync, nor are we ever telling anyone that's the case. I'm sure there are some folks who didn't feel like they got their money's worth working with us, but I'd say the vast majority feel completely the opposite. What we do isn't for everyone. We create an environment where people can quickly learn what is and isn't working in modern licensing for ads, TV/film, trailers, video games. They can get an honest assessment on a regular basis on where their songwriting is, their production chops, and then we try as much as we can to encourage them to take the next step forward with it so that their songs become highly marketable and songs that we want to pitch.

We're pitching songs on behalf of our students from our library every week. It's a testament to the quality of the work they do in class, as well as the natural talent and experience they bring into it. Some of it also has to do with how well they work with others, as we find there's a special thing that happens when people create something together with a common goal.

I'm not saying that anything the pros said about doing it yourself, learning online, etc. isn't possible. But there's also a TON of bad info out there too. So if you decide to go out on your own, make sure you find mentors who can help you weed through all that. And I wish everyone who wants to learn how to be successful with music licensing the best success, there's definitely tons of opportunity. I see it every day in my inbox with all the briefs that come in, and the deals we make.