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Old 16th August 2019
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Lunchbox amp shootout with 12 amps! (Mesa, Orange, EVH etc)

Hey everybody!

I finally made a shootout video of all my lunchbox amps! The wattage of these amps ranges from 15 watts up to 35 watts. As you can probably tell I have a softspot for these little amps. There is something so cool about having such a huge sound coming from something so small and charming... lol

The first section of the video features full band clips with broken up clean tones as well as heavy rock tones. I didn't go fully clean because 1: I prefer broken up cleans and 2: Some of the amps can't do clean. To me it's more enjoyable to listen to the amps with a little bit of breakup. I also think it shows the character of the amps better.

A couple notes:
-The Mark V 35 isn't really small when compared to the others but I figured I'd include it anyway since it's technically still a 'low-wattage' amp, plus the smaller Mark V 25 sounds pretty much the same anyway if you don't take into account the difference in headroom.
-There are timecodes in the description for easy skipping between all the segments.
-Each amp was recording at the highest wattage setting available.

I know which ones I loved the most but I would also love to know which ones you dug the most.
Also, do you own one of these amps or perhaps another one that isn't included? If so, how do you like it? Is there anyone I don't have that you think I should own?

Check it out: