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Old 16th August 2019
Lives for gear

I went on the hunt for threads after trying this plugin today. I used to use Kjaerhus GPP-1 religiously when I was still on a 32-bit DAW and missed it ever since. I actually think with the lookahead implemented, Protector now offers a very similar sound to GPP-1. What's special here is that you can have a very low latency limiter with knee for peak limiting on tracks (instead of the master). I used to LOVE GPP-1 on vocals, it made everything so upfront while avoiding sudden attacks and plosives (due to the essentially zero attack).

I also love the GUI and simplicity of the Blue Cat plugin here.

In my personal opinion, I feel that the price is just a bit too high for what I would use this for. I haven't yet compared it to Limitless or Elephant as a true mastering limiter as I'm more interested in it as a track limiter. At $99 (and even at $79), it's a lot harder to justify the buy for me. I would be more tempted to pull the trigger at around a $69 USD regular price, and $49 USD promo price.

Of course, this is my opinion and everyone places different value on different things, but it was just a thought from a new customer. I'll likely be waiting for the Black Friday sales to see where the price goes and maybe pick this up

In saying all of this, keep up the great work Blue Cat guys!