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I don't know just a thought. Maybe Serban doesn't want to tell people how he does it because its HIS thing? Is there some contract every artist signs that says 'When you get famous you HAVE to tell people how you did it'? I didnt think so.

If I busted my ass to get up there why would I give you the 'How to sound like me in 3 easy steps' routine so you could flood the market with a bunch of watered down crappy versions of my own stuff? Nah you can go figure out your own style, maybe then you'll finally figure out how to be happy making music. It sounds like you were set from disappointment from day 1 with the some fairy-tale fantasy of riches and treasure and hookers galore though.
I'd bet he does nothing different than most others and he uses the same tools. It's talent that comes from practice and working to improve that people keep trying to find a shortcut secret to, when you simply have to do the work.