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The triangle is formed perpendicular to the front face of the speaker's cabinet. Hence if you rotate the cabinet, you don't have an equilateral triangle anymore.
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As soon as you rotate the speakers,[...] there is no longer an equilateral triangle. Period. End of story
My take :

Following Northward illustration, if speakers are angled of 30°, the direct signal from speaker (0°) (represented in black line with arrow, added by myself) is on the same line as d (added by myself in this illustration).

If you rotate your speakers around its axis point, you still have your equilateral triangle.

Overlaying both images from Northward:

d is still equal to d as you can see. The triangle doesn't move.

You only change the direct signal (0°) direction.

d and the 'direct signal' paths are now in different directions.
Difference is equal to the angle difference between your two compared positions. Here 5°.

If we overlay both (30° and 25°) direct signals.

So, equilateral triangle is not a myth. And it's NOT defined by the rotation of your speakers but only by d (distance between 2 axis point of your 2 speakers).
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