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After a month of using Klasiks

Ok, so I'm getting close to my first full month with APS Klasiks and after that time I can definitely say more, if anybody is interested.

Klasiks are just amazing, their greatest strenghts for me are:

1. Extensive, yet really precise bass, helps a lot when working on IDM/EDM tracks; I believe that bass reproduction puts Klasiks just in top league,
2. Wonderful, precise, deep mids with beautiful imaging; this is what I lacked in my Adam A7X's, Klasiks blow them away here; I discovered so much more detail and experienced a major improvement in my mixes and other works: voice-overs, vocals, sound design,
3. Translation, translation, translation - yes, they do translate very well; when working on Adams, I sometimes felt dumb, hopefully I'm not that dumb, just a monitors' case.
3. They sound natural, balanced, the don't tire your ears,
4. They have a wide sweet spot. What a change after Adams, which tend to behave like friggin' laser beams...

If they are flawed anywhere, I bet highs - they are not too responsive to eq-ing sometimes, but still - my work translates and sounds very good. They also tend to perform best on lower volumes, but this is my healthy practice for years, not to work too loud, so actually - another advantage, protection of your hearing

If you are thinking about more than solid nearfield solution, think no more, get APS Klasiks!