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In every art. In every competition there is a standard.

A bar is set.

Stop pretending like in commercial music you can meet that bar without a label, trust fund money, or drug money to get you to the people. ----> who got the gear -----> who hold the knowledge -----> to make you a the records that people are paying for.

then they take that record ---> bring your record to the masses -----> so you can optimize your amazing song with streams and booking showing etc....

eliminate the label.

Mixers and producers and mastering engineers hold the knowledge and power. we must work together. NO SECRETS!!!
The more I read from you the more I facepalm.

There are no “secrets”. Every engineer I’ve ever worked with has loved to talk techniques and gear. We all do it - I can point you to a magazine article where I(producer/recording eng), one of the band and the mix engineer discuss the #1 record we made. With YouTube and god knows how many famous names doing interviews and courses, it’s more accessible than it was when I was learning! Just cos serban is more private, doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk shop with his assistants and visitors.