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good choice regarding mics! now don't worry too much regarding photos, gain settings, position markings etc.: even if you set up things exactly the same, things will never sound the same! - which is good: it's about music, emotions, expression, interaction, joy etc. it would be terrible if everything would be the same every time the choir gets together!

and regarding mic positioning, imo there is not much of a point of endlessly moving gear: even if you found mic positions which work well, chances are that you'll get a different impression on a next song - so make an educated guess and go for it! do not wear out singers! be ready before they are! don't let them wait for you to be ready...
so your modus operandum is basically naive and unplanned guesswork....I'm pleased it works for you ? Maybe when you have vast experience it's ok...but the OP is dealing with 16 voices in a familiar location, how "unrepeatable" is that from session to session...with no audience ? If you want consistent results from session to session...consistent setup is a pathway to achieve that !

However....vive le difference !