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Don’t the valves last longer because of the mild English climate?
Generally boots seem to outlast trunks, and chips survive longer than fries, reportedly for that reason.

How ‘bout you don’t rack your mic power supplies? How many do you have? I only have three right now, and I store the power supplies as they came, in cases with the mics.
We're both in California, so I'm stuck with trunks, fries and tubes, too. I store my mics in their cases when not in use. Pretty meticulous about that. But the power supplies are in a permanent position. Each PS is connected to a dedicated signal path of outboard gear. I absolutely hated keeping them on my desktop. Man, it just was troublesome, and having cables littering the desktop drove me nuts. I only have two tube mics at the moment, but I'm in the market for a third, probably an M149. Undecided. So I started looking at power supplies to see whether there were any options. Nope. Not really. Looks like Rode has the right idea with the K2, if I wanted another Rode. All power supplies should be designed like that. Functions this side: cables that side. All I'm saying.