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Beautiful recordings. Absolutely magnificent audio quality. I love the detail and balance. I emailed Line Audio and received a prompt reply from Roger there. He recommended the new CM4s for the job. So I think I will get 4 of them. Will look at getting other mics from him later. Seems a much better investment than 4 Neumann KM 183s/5s. Certainly a lot cheaper and there is excellent feedback on the Line Audio microphones.

I was actually thinking of using my phone to take photos of the various mic positions and mic combinations etc so I can remember and later reproduce where they were (and making notes and recording the different set ups and referencing the mics to the audio to listen to as well) so I don't lose track and get overwhelmed and confused later.

The headphones I have are AKG 240 Mk II. I am used to them and they do translate well to speakers. The mixes seem fine on the studio monitors, home stereo and car stereo. Of course, it is an interactive process of tweaking certain aspects to get the best possible final mix.

What microphones did you use for the instruments and congregation?

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