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Going out on a limb here - Dynachord in the future?
Probably not, just due to the lack of availability of Dynacords here in the US.

The upcoming BBD mode (originally called RackBBD, but now called BBDuck since we added ducking) is largely based on the Ibanez AD-150, with some input from the Roland DC-10. The AD-150 and DC-10 both have variable antialiasing filters, that change frequency according to the BBD clock rate. This results in delays that are super bright for short delays, and nice and dark for longer delays. The ERA controls how dark things get at the longest delay, with the Past era mapping closely to the AD-150, and Present and Future eras getting much brighter.

The Ibanez AD-202 in that pile has modulation, but I don't like the modulation in that unit. It has some weird slewing characteristics, which happens when you linearly modulate the BBD clock. If your clock circuit is exponentially modulated, you can get MUCH better BBD behavior, with a sine wave LFO sounding like sine wave modulation in the BBD output.

The digital delays in the pile are for a future update. Don is being REALLY picky about getting the sound of the PCM42 input limiter "just right," so I need to keep working on that.