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It wouldn't be a big problem placing the power switch on front.
I'm guessing most power units are in general not placed in a rack and so in most casus it's no problem.
Yes, agreed. I'm not sure what most people do with their tube mic power supplies vis-a-vis placing them in a rack or not. (Interesting question. Any pix out there?) I never liked having them sit on my desktop because of the cables, so when some rack space became available, that's where I moved them. But I should mention that they were on my desk when I accidentally left a mic on for two or three days before realizing it. (I had it turned so as to see and use the pattern switch, which was the only practical way to position it while searching for the sweet spot. So the on/off light wasn't visible and I overlooked it when shutting down. I didn't discover it until the next time I tried to turn it on.)

I'm not really worried about having cables protrude from both ends. That issue merely disturbs my studio aesthetic. The main thing for me is that I would like all of the controls to be located on a single side. But until then, I'll deal with it.