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Damn, those Kii's are no joke! Interesting about the steep drop in the highs. I have no idea why it would manifest. If the tweeter is super delayed, then problems should appear at 2kHz. Then again, the measurement process does compensate for system latency, can't remember how long was too long, about a second or so.
I Think both mids and tweeter would be delayed as they are in phase, I think it's the bass drivers on the back of the speakers that's aligned with them and maybe additional delays to the whole thing for processing?

Here is multiple measurements from FuzzMeasure, the graph cuts off at 30 kHz it's at 1/12 smoothing as multiple measurements got super chaotic at less.

Sonarworks releases Reference 4!-multiplefr1-12smooth.jpg
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Sonarworks releases Reference 4!-multiplefr1-12smooth.jpg