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Old 15th August 2019
Here for the gear

Ok so I have 2-3 questions about doors...

I won't pretend to know the physics behind this but, it is my understanding that, considering mass law, a door needs to (at minimum) have the same mass as the wall it's being built into.

First off, in a mass spring/air mass wall - or double wall - system, will a single door negate the isolation effect of the room in a room? Presumably the frame will span both walls? Unless you're supposed to build the door into only one of the walls, frame the other wall opening and leave a gap (cover with fabric, rubber, cork strips?)?

Do you need to have double doors?

Either way, when calculating the required mass of the door(s), do you consider both walls or just 1? I.e. The mass of 2 sheets of 5/8 or 4 sheets of 5/8?