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Old 15th August 2019
Here for the gear
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Fellow gearslutz,

Please excuse our delayed response.
We’ve been busy with a lot of new developments and to our shame didn’t keep track of this thread.
If you have an urgent support inquiry, or just want a swift and direct response for a technical question concerning our dearVR series, please hit me up at [email protected]
I’ll be glad to help!

@ The Turnback
dearVR PRO has to be placed at the last slot as an insert effects plugin applying its spatialization algorithm to the finished signal.

@ macgee , conquerator2
Recently, we focussed on the development of the upcoming Multi Channel feature of dearVR PRO, since this gives the user a great value für multi-format productions and worked hard on dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT, which is why there are no news on the doppler feature just yet.
You can add the doppler effect through dedicated third party doppler plugins and bind/map the doppler distance value to the dearVR distance value.