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Here for the gear

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Please CAREFULLY note the significant difference between TRS and TS.

While you say that your source is XLR and TRS balanced, you also say that the destination is TS unbalanced.

Using a TRS to TRS cable to connect to a TS unbalanced source or destination carries a very large risk of failure. If even one of the ends (source or destination) is unbalanced, then DO NOT USE TRS. TS is always safer to use unless you arel 100% sure that both the source and destination are truly balanced TRS.

That "75 ohm" TS cable seems like pure ******y. Any interconnection that requires a standard impedance will NOT be using TS connectors. If I couldn't make my own cables (which I recommend and encourage), I would buy something sensible like...
Hi, thanks so much for your response.

I ended up ordering these (before I saw your post).

Based on what you are suggesting they do not fit the bill?

When you say "large risk of failure" what do you mean exactly?

Would a regular guitar cable work for this connection? (I have plenty of those)