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Old 15th August 2019
Here for the gear

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I used to own an E4XT Ultra with the E-Synth ROM expansion and RE-FX. It was the heart of my first studio. Amazing machine.

6 years ago, I sold it to buy NI Komplete 4.

I still cry sometimes when I think about it.
Here I am, 2019, and I can share this: the E4XT Ultra and the E4XT are simply amazing machines: add this to your laptop and for 500 dollars you have 128 voices that do not need to use your CPU. Sometimes, we forget this fact.

Using your VST instruments to design sounds and then have the ability to have the sound controlled by having re-sampled and added tone and effects shaping all dynamically responsive is great. I own a modern laptop with 32GB and all that with Native Instruments but I cannot get that polyphony level and it does matter (unless you do a lot of tracks and pre-mix them as stem mixes).

I have two Emus - one a Hollywood Gold E4XT and the other an E4XT Ultra with the RFX32 card. Not selling the the Ultra /RFX but may consider selling the Gold version although I still have yet to be convinced that this would be a good decision!