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I asked for for some mdat file from your flattered best-of-the-world measurement a week ago and you didn't show it. Why actually?
Actually, I did explain at the time, but perhaps you forgot, so I'll repeat it here: those graphs are not from my own personal studio, but rather from the studio that I designed, treated, and tweaked for one of my clients. I can only release in public what the client allows me to release, and in fact I think he was rather generous allowing me to release that much (UNSMOOTHED frequency response graphs from 12 Hz up to 500 Hz, showing nearly ruler-flat response). It's the client's data: he paid good money for the design, and the tuning process, so he gets to decide what can be done with his data.

And no, that's not the data from my best studio. Just one of many. There are other studios where I have achieved better results than that. I only chose that set of data because you were arguing that 4" of insulation cannot treat low frequencies, and the graphs from that room proved that isn't so: it can be done. That was just typical of what can be achieved in a well designed, well treated, well tuned studio, when there's a real passion by the client to take his room to the limit, and a good budget for doing so. That's what I commonly get from rooms I do for clients who really want it. If you stay tuned for a few more weeks, I'm working on the final tweaking for a studio for another such client, whom I think I might be able to convince to release some of his data, perhaps even photos (no promises, though). He's a really nice guy, so I'll see what he might allow me to show, or not show.

I have my first laptop here at home, not my other laptop at the studio. And my room is not entirely finished. I can show you some current status, why not, but not this evening.
Cool! I look forward to seeing that.

The sound stage DOES extend from speaker to speaker and NOT further, unless you have serious problems with side wall reflections extending your mix even further, a very bad thing.
Not at all. If it is done in a carefully controlled manner, then it is possible to extent the sound stage beyond the speakers. Not everyone wants that, of course, and personally I'm not a big fan of doing that in control rooms, but it can be done and some engineers and studio owners do want that. The reason I'm not too keen on doing that is because it's an unnatural extension, and can mislead the mix engineer a bit, since he hears "air" off to the sides that isn't really there. But a good mix engineer can use that to produce better mixes.

And of course for a home theater, audio-phile room, or just plain easy-listening room, there's nothing wrong with that at all! It enhances the listening experience, gives a better sense of "envelopment" and spaciousness, so I'll often do it when I can in that type of room, where precision isn't so necessary.

Did I say I angled the side walls?
Yes, you did actually. You said "The only considerable better solution would have been to use angled side walls and redirect sound, ". You claimed it would have been a better solution to do that in your room. I pointed out that angling side walls is not a good idea in a small room. Short memory?

And this "we" makes me sick.
I can send you a pack of barf bags, if you like! That might help...

I'm not sure what the problem is here: when someone refers to a group of people that he is part of, and is talking about what that group does collectively, then the correct linguist expression is, indeed, "we".

If you have an LCR mix, it must be LCR, right? left speaker, center, right speaker.
So you have an LCR console and three speakers in your room, and you do stereo mixes on that? Unusual.... I normally only use LCR consoles in live events and for fixed installations, such as some churches and theaters, where ordinary mono or two channel doesn't do the job well. I'm not aware of too many pro mixing rooms that mix stereo in LCR! I know of quite a few that mix stereo on 5.1 and 7.1 systems, but none that mix in 3.0. Why did you set up your place like that? There can't be much of market for the mixes, I would think...

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