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Honestly, (forgive me this is a tangent). I'm growing really tired of the whole picture of riches stuff that's being promoted. It's not just in music, but in the greater society, the narrative that's sold is either you're rich and wearing Gucci, or you're nothing. It's a world of singularity/backstabbing just for trinkets., and those who are successful seem to have to play into and feed the narrative to stay on. (They have a choice, but they don't seem to realize it.) If you look at the US in the 30's through the 70's people were broke and they still lived. Good music,food, good people were produced. Today, we see the results of reduced funding for the arts and everyone trying to "learn" as an individual on youtube We have greater tech, but we are less connected. It's like someone stole the soul.
Yeah, that’s the best part.

You don’t have to be real. You can just play make believe and people buy into it, until they don’t. You chill for a decade, and come back onto the scene and start over, if you are lucky.

I want my shot at the bull$hit of stardom. I have to work anyway, so I might as well work to make more money than I would at a day job, get to hang with other “famous” people, and have “regular” people idolize me. Hopefully the long hours, lack of sleep, bad diet, fatigue from travel, alcohol and drugs, loose women,
and other bad stuff won’t kill me too quickly.

A devils paradise for sure.....