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Here for the gear

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But if you are looking for a less expensive microphone, you might look into these:

I had a chance to demo the stereo figure-of-eight condenser and it sounded really good. The only reason I didn't buy one is that I already had mics in my locker that did the same thing. I was NOT dissatisfied with the sound. No affiliation, but I was impressed with the product.
Wow, these look to be Schoeps clones/"inspired", right down to the coating. But it did send me down a rabbit hole to see if Schoeps ever made a dual figure 8 stereo mic, and they did - the CMTS.

I assume the OP has found avillalta's clip recorded with the Rode NTR in blumlein:

RĂ˜DE NTR vs Samar VL37A