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Funny. I thought the 82 was dull and tubby. That 816 high-end was what pulled the dialog out of all the crap that was going on all around it. I remember a beach walk and talk. She boomed it from the sea-side of the walk and the dialog made it into the picture untouched. Just enough booming surf to place the action but nice crisp dialog that didn't need to be processed. Well before the days of Rx.

I hated the sound of the 816. It was a Hail Mary choice for us, only. The 82 was the Stradivarius of my star boomist forever, Gary Dowling. He wanted it on nearly every shot we did, inside and out. I stopped arguing about the interiors since he could pull off scenes with the 82 that I would be sure we'd have to do with multi-lavs. I did ok with it on my own, and I liked how it cut with interiors done with MK41s.