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it's all is a pyramid scheme. it's a business. with the people at the top not only being protected by knowledge but very expensive gear and rooms.

and they make money by making money from our plays, money from the tutorials and "plugins" they advertise.

with the best tutorials being $321/year or $4,000 to go to one of those MWTM semniars in La Fabrique....

only very well off people can afford the gear needed to compete commercially and seminars like that...

the purpose of the OP was that it is impossible to compete with the people at the top. the only way you make it in commercial music is you get into one of the circles of engineers and producers that are at the top already.

a full commercial project is not only mixed with expensive gear but mastered with expensive gear too. most people really don't have money for the gear they use. and they really don't share there secrets.....

this whole industry that is built on gear and the top keeping there secrets is bull**** to me.

serban mixes completely ITB? his mixes sound amazing... well why doesn't he do a single tutorial nor a interview? it would save a lot of people alot of money....

he obviously wants to protect what he knows... you think he is the only one that is doing that and keeping secrets? hell no.

they all are...

a person who is 18 and and a artist in a city with no big studios has it even harder.

most young artist even if you do live in city like LA have to rely on mediocre engineers with **** gear or no talent or skills....

then after the **** engineer is done drying the artist out financially, the artist quits.

because fans weren't sonically impressed when they pressed play compared to the big artist they listen to everyday. (at least not enough to spend money on them.)

now he is scared to take a chance with a new engineer, even though that might be at an affordable price. (or he might take another chance and the same **** happens.. that engineer just don't got it either...)

and doesn't have money to pay the really good engineers for mixes/songs done every week like big artist are doing.

how does a artist keep up quality and quantity in this for this extremely short attention spanned modern audience?

AND how do they post other content on social media and do other promotion, booking marketing etc...

That's why I say only the well off people make it in this **** or sell drugs......

not everyone wants to sign to a damn label they already take enough our our money as it is... but how will one be successful without one?

that is what the post was about.

and you all are defending the labels and how the industry is.... that is the crazy part....
Keeping secrets is the only way to go. This strategy in business has worked for thousands of years to prove quite fruitful for the inventive entrepreneur. IP exclusive entitlement is the gravy.