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The triangle is formed perpendicular to the front face of the speaker's cabinet. Hence if you rotate the cabinet, you don't have an equilateral triangle anymore.
+1. Thank you! It's good to see that some people around here really do understand geometry!

That's the entire point. As soon as you rotate the speakers, or move the mix position, there is no longer an equilateral triangle. Period. End of story.

If your speakers are toed-in at exactly 30°, but then you sit forward of the apex, then there is also no longer an equilateral triangle: the distance from each ear to the speaker is no longer the same as the distance between speakers, and the angle from ar to speaker is no longer 30° either. Thus the triangle is not equilateral: it is isosceles. Which is what I've been saying all along.

I really don't get why it is so hard for people to understand this: it is basic high-school geometry. Sit down with a piece of paper, a pencil, and a protractor, and you can prove it to yourself inside of a couple of minutes.

The equilateral triangle only exists when the distance between the speakers is the same as the distance from each speaker to your head, and the angle of the speakers is 30° toe-in. If you change ANY of that, then there is no equilateral triangle! This is just plain common sense. Move your hear, or turn the speakers, and there is no more "equilateral".

So I'll repeat, one more time, that the majority of contemporary studios do NOT have the speakers and mix position set up as an equilateral triangle! (see the photos I posted above, of several studios where there clearly is no such triangle). And even if they did have perfect triangles, as soon as the mix engineer leans forward a few inches in his chair to adjust something on the console, or slides his chair back a bit to stretch his legs and listen more comfortably, once again there is no such triangle.

The triangle does not exist: it's a myth.

So there's no need to chase a myth, and try to make it happen in a studio, because it never can happen. (Unless you bolt the engineer's chair to the floor, tie him down with straps, and lock his head immobile in a surgical neck brace, so he can't move it at all... )

QED There is no equilateral triangle.

- Stuart -