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[QUOTE=deedeeyeah;14147161still a heck of a musician and a very nice bloke: i wish he'd get hired to play rock'n'roll more often!
p.s. did you get to engineer some of zappa's shows or were you in charge of (some of) his gear?[/QUOTE]

I was the guy that wired all his guitars with on-board active electronics. That was 1977. You can hear them on all his records and Dweezil plays them now, they all still work. I also did some studio work on his gear, hot-rodded it.

Terry and Patrick O'Hearn would often stop by Rex Bogue's place in the San Gabriel Valley. I also wired up the basses too and Ray White's Tele and Ike Willis' Explorer. Those guys would suck up 1 foot long lines of coke in one sweep. They also would never smoke any pot, never.

I asked them both why one day and got the same answer: "Frank will KNOW"!

I never could figure that out when their noses were dripping for a week. We call those "The days of lines and noses".

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