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Old 14th August 2019
I do not have an overabundance of Schoeps microphones, but when I bought my cardiods I decided to go for the CMC5 MK5 capsule, for three reasons.

The availability of the omni on that capsule as well as the cardiod, the rising top end, (only a db or so) which I felt would be good for using as a main stereo pair (in ORTF etc) - giving reach, and also because Tony Faulkner at the time used them extensively, and I liked the recorded sound that he achieved.

I can't say I have ever been aware of a foggy ambience with those at all, and I've had the opportunity of comparing them with a variety of mics from other manufacturers. They are always the mics I pick up first.

Certainly a rising top end can give the impression of a faster microphone and clean up an acoustic that is muddy or foggy, but I don't think a microphone should be blamed for the shortcomings of an acoustic, rather we should reach for the microphone most suited to overcome those shortcomings.

There is a home here for the microphones of all discontented Schoeps users, I suspect I will not be getting too many applications!