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I will try to do another recording of this organ . Should I experiment with greater mic spacing ?
My stereo bar allows 80 cm maximum spacing . This would give a wider reproduction of the organ, but I wonder if this will also produce a greater left to right separation ? The answer is not so simple as it seems . I think a wider organ could be acceptable, but I don't want excessive stereo effects !
Do you have some recommendations about that ?

Thank you,
I'm afraid organ recording is a fairly occasional event for me, although I think it's certainly worth trying a wider spacing, even if only for a few minutes experimentally...try going in increments from 1-3 metres and observe the resultant stereo image.

Remember you are effectively in the diffuse field, and thus not miking the instrument as much as miking the room itself. Moving forward and back will put you in and out of various nodes and pressure build-up zones, and you have these to contend with as much as air blower noise and beaming of high register pipes.

This forum has examined organ recording often over the last 15 years or so, and doing a search yields a lot of relevant material: here's a tiny fraction only....
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