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I think that what he means is that while keeping the distance between speakers cabinets and engineer an equilateral triangle, you can slightly toe in or out a speaker.

For a while it was quite common to do this especially in Mastering studios with a specific brand of free standing speakers that were common in the 90s' up to mid 00s' that had quite harsh tweeters.

The engineers would toe out the speakers a bit to soften the tweeters, their slight off-axis response being a bit smoother. They could work longer hours that way.

In short, instead of physically moving the speakers cabinets on the ideal "circle" and changing the equilateral setup to an isosceles one which degrades the imaging a lot more, they simply slightly rotated in place the speakers cabinet.
Hi Thomas, I understand.

I just think there is some confusion about what defines the equilateral triangle and how it is measured: whether or not to account for the toeing in or out as changing the angles of your traingle. Or simply defining the triangle as the distances between speakers and engineer.