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As I said before, it's a starting point. I don't know of many contemporary studio designers who always use 30° toe-in! Maybe 30 or 40 years ago perhaps, but today? The general rule we use is "anywhere between 25° and 35° toe-in, as needed to get the optimum results".

Yup. Seriously. That is, in fact, the truth. Just because you didn't know it, doesn't mean it isn't true.

Your understanding of geometry seems to be a bit flawed! (sort of like your understand of acoustics). If you turn the speakers as you say, then the toe-in angles are no longer 30°! Duh. And the apex intercept is no longer 60°.
I shorten this up a little bit. Do you pretend to be silly and play the clown here?
You turn the speakers (rotate!!!!) them a little outside and then they will hit your ears instead of your eyes (lol!).

You can still maintain an omnidistant triangle. If that is not clear to you, go back to school (if you are not a teenager) and study some simple geometry.

There is no need to move the speakers. You rotate the speakers on their stands and you get a slight off-axis response. This is the intention. And if you wish you can then correct the triangle by some 3 cms. But 3cm is neglibile. If you use a triangle of 1.75m of bigger that its not even worth to discuss because the change is very small, unless you are using your awfull 1.2m triangle for your setup as you suggested ("as a starting point", nobody would ever do that).

IF (!!) you are using MORE than one speaker set, a second pair of speakers or a third pair, then you have no choice than to go for a smaller angle.

But as you see in the image, there is always a pair with perfect 60 degree angle. You need at least ONE PAIR perfectly aligned to 60 degree, especially if it is the only one, 20 years ago and now.