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Thank you for your considerations Stradivariusz....I appreciate your analysis very much ! Both were AB Omni pickup, sample A is overhead Km183 @ 48 cm spacing and B is MKH 8020 @35 cm spacing, so no MS used...

I could try converting the sample A Left/Right to MS and then extracting the mid component to blend with B, as long as phase interactions are benign. Certainly worth a try, or else process B in Voxengo Span and try for the same result ?
This is exactly what I mean SPAN is great for that kind of processing. Thought to extract and bounce just Mid from A and mix it with B to see what happens. Won't damage anything and can be fun to check it out.
Perhaps, to diminish phase issues you could HPF the A as high as it' still usefull and mix those higher frequencies just for feel in the space without loosing clarity of the B.

Playing with mid-side processing in post even if recording is done with another setup is an amazing tool. Curious for the result.