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Originally Posted by David Rick View Post
The idea is to keep the noisy AC line stuff as far away from the low-level audio circuitry as possible.
Thanks, David. That is doubtless a technical concern, but it makes no sense to put the on/off switch and LED on one side of the PS and the pattern selector on the other. I accidentally left a mic on for two days once before I realized that I had forgotten to turn off the PS. That's when I realized that I needed to turn it around so that the LED faced me and reminded me to hit the off switch before leaving. Now I can see the LEDs, but the pattern selectors face the rear. It's inconvenient. All functions and controls should be located on one side; all cables should be on the other. I'm not an electrical engineer, but if proximity is really the issue, it seems this could be resolved by making the PS a little wider. I would rather have a PS three times as wide as the typical box if that's what it took.

BTW, I have audio cables that lie directly on top of AC lines in the cable spaghetti behind my rack. If there's any interference, I don't hear it.