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OH. I forgot the Rode Classic. ****e! Neumann KMR82. Ugh!

Sold my two Sennheiser MKH816s to Peter F. I can only guess what he wanted two old movie mics for

Funny story about that. I had them on eBay for a reasonable cost and somehow, this crazy bidding war erupted. I didn't know who the buyers were of course but Peter finally won them. I cancelled the sale because I was totally convinced that he was a scammer. Lots of money! Much more than they were worth. By maybe four times! He was convinced I had a shill bidding to force the price up. We finally settled on a private deal for a reasonable price. Never had any idea who the other bidder was. OMG!

By the way, those mics in the hands of a talented boom operator (Misty Conn) were unstoppable. Who needed radio mics? In less capable hands, not so much. Put one of those in a Rycote with a dead cat at the end of a twenty-foot pole. Yowser! She was (and still is) the bomb! Radio mics really came into fashion and there was no need for the MKH816s any more. Sad day.


Oh and sold two MKH416 T-power before I knew about Pete Verrando, but, fortunately, kept two pair of Schoeps CMC4 T-power. Now they are P48. He does good work too.

Wish I had those MKH416s back.