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It's a good choice I think.
A sounds a bit muddy (due to noise red.?), B is more clear. Also acoustics a re better captured. Wonder if the NS could be a reason of a different stereo image? In the A example I miss Side a bit, while in B Sides are more dominant than the Mid. Was almost thinking of getting the Mid signal from your A and mix it a bit with B to fill the hole which I slightly feel - it's quite wide for the piano, no?. But it's very little, so probably subjective.
Anyway, both nice to listen to!
Thank you for your considerations Stradivariusz....I appreciate your analysis very much ! Both were AB Omni pickup, sample A is overhead Km183 @ 48 cm spacing and B is MKH 8020 @35 cm spacing, so no MS used...

I could try converting the sample A Left/Right to MS and then extracting the mid component to blend with B, as long as phase interactions are benign. Certainly worth a try, or else process B in Voxengo Span and try for the same result ?