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(Un)fortunately for me, I happen to be in a Starting Over phase these days anyway, and will end up spending roughly the same no matter what form factor it comes in, so it's basically a wash in my case. It was going to be a big stack of regular keyboards and desktop and rack boxes (some vintage) if I hadn't finally taken a hard look at Eurorack and started to reimagine how I might even go about things this go around.

What I've learned throughout the processs is that (though largely unknown to me until the last couple of years) Modular Hardware (and mostly Analog at that) was what I had apparently been wanting all along, and somehow never even knew or realized that until maybe three years ago.

I joke about the costs and crack-like aspects, and they aren't entirely unfounded, but I'm also more happy with my setup and direction than ever before. Like a kid in a candy store, never before could I buy just ~1/10th of a JP8 (the VCF by itself), and so on... it could hardly suit me better.

But inexpensive it is not.

Nor is the learning curve and complexity insignificant.

But it's now my favorite puzzle or game, so to speak. Far more stimulating than most things.

Win Win.

I've shifted ~85-90% of all keyboard and synth wants to modular-land now. It has saved me from buying or let me sell at least the following (not that it's any cheaper now, just spent elsewhere...):

* Microvolt
* SE02
* Minitaur
* SH101
* Juno106
* Tempest

All of which I've owned or were the highest of priorities before my eurocrack addiction happened.

I'm only bummed I didn't figure this out 20yrs ago.
No, I get it. Believe me, I really do. It’s like a dream come true in many ways. Why put up with (what I perceive as) short comings in the fixed synths that I have, when there’s a world of modules out there that would let me build my own synths designed for my exact needs? That’s exactly what I set out to do... but it was too much for me. I realized I could spend all my waking hours pouring though demos and manuals looking for modules for my master synths... and yet never get though all of them and new ones seemed to pop up overnight like mushrooms. When I got overwhelmed, I just picked up a few semi modulars and modular adjacent synths like the Pro 2... and then I realized how many utility modules I’d need to get to just the functionality of my Pro 2, and still not be able to go back to a patch without a lot of fuss.

In the end, I got rid of it all, though there were some gems that I still miss (like the Microvolt and Mother 32). The only remnants that are left are the Pro 2 providing a MIDI synced LFO and extra modulation to my Dominion 1 and Torcido. Now when I get a hanker’n for limitless unbounded synth mayhem, I’ll load up VeeCee or Reaktor. I know I’m missing out on some aspects, but it’s better for me.