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So you want to start conservative at first in order to preserve whatever can be saved.

1. Download a bootable antivirus scanner. There are many available that will allow you to boot the media, usually USB based, and scan your system. You might want to try more than one.

2. If nothing is found, that is probably a good thing.

3. Proceed to Windows Recovery.. There are many ways to do this. Here are 2 pages with different approaches.. Only you can determine which one to try.

If at all possible, back up your current system via an *.iso before starting the surgery.
This way at least you can go back to where you currently are.

You can also try Windows System Restore and go back to well before you started having problems. This may fix the corruption.
I think what I'll do is format and start from scratch.

Mean while, I did a new Admin user and its working flawlessly now.

But that type of stupid thing, when it happen, its never a good sign and I already lost all I did twice in my life and I certainly dont want that to happen again.
I'll buy a 8tb external drive when I come back and back up all my important files.

Thanks for your help. It was really appreciated.