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How's the sound quality compared ? VSS30 & SK1 sound quite dull in a set.
I have both and like them, but the Casio SK1 has that built in power off after a few minutes (which i don't want to try to solve even with the circuit plans). I would really enjoy a keyboard sampler with instant mic recording and time-stretched mapping (slower in the low pitches and faster in the high) like those toys are capable to, only improvement i need is the sound quality. I definitely need a keyboard and the possibility to trigger manually any note. That on-the-fly no computer needed is exactly my cup. Does there exist such a device ? Has the VSS200 a much better sound quality ?

Or, since i have a midi keyboard, maybe a device i could trigger from the keyboard via midi ? Is there something that can record with a mike and map instantly a voice/phrase with good sound ? I bet there are a thousand, but on the smaller/cheaper side ?
The Casio SK-5 has much better sound than the SK-1. It also saves / retains samples, unlike any keyboard in the VSS series.

The VSS-200 and VSS-30 sound identical.

For a higher quality sampler, the best match for me is a laptop (with Ableton Live) and midi keyboard, especially if you want to use your VSS / SK samples consistently and predictably. You can also layer samples to get the best of lofi and higher fidelity.

I like the Casios and Yamahas because of the sound quality and ease of use. When the sound gets cleaned up, it is less exciting to my ears. Later / slightly higher quality samplers from the 80s and early 90s had antiquated disc drives / GUI's that require a bit more work to get cooking.