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Hey guys. Super quick question.

I’m treating my room right now 16’8”x 11’2”. If my math is right the 38% sweet spot rule of thumb should be 6’4”from the front wall.
My question is what is the equation to find an equilateral triangle from this point
I would simply stay on the equilateral triangle and move speakers along those axises until finding the optimum sound. This has less degrees of freedom to optimize frequency response but ensure correct imaging. If you deviate from this triangle, you are either increasing the mid signal versus the side signal or vice versa (thinking in M/S), meaning that you will not hear the mix how it was intended, either too wide/deep or too narrow / flat, hence the stereo image is distorted. The 60 degree angle is simply a common standard to ensure that all sound engineers will hear the same stereo image (but for different size of sound stage, depending on the triangle length).