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Second, the equilateral triangle is somewhat of a myth. Yes, it does work OK for most rooms, but like the 38% rule, it isn't a rule either. It's a starting point.
As a huge fan of EBU citing recommendations more often than not, you shouldn't say that.

60 degree angle is the standard, not a starting point.

Those are the quick answers: now for the details:

If you place your head exactly at the 38% spot, and set up the speakers exactly in an equilateral triangle aiming at your head, with exact 60° angles (30° toe-in on each speaker), then your ears will NOT be on axis to the speaker! Your eyes will.... take a good look at the typical diagrams you see for the famous triangle, and you'll notice that most of them have the acoustic axis of the speaker pointing at your eyes! But the speaker actually has the best response ON axis, so it should be pointing at your ears, not your eyes! To do that, you either have to move your head forward, so the speakers are pointing at the tips of your ears, or you have to keep your head where it was and adjust the angle of the speakers instead, to get them pointing at your ears. Either way, you no longer have an equilateral triangle! Thus, it is a myth.

The trivial solution is to turn the speakers a little to the outside and still keep the equilateral triangle. Thats all well known. Actually a matter of taste, because some manufacturers recomend direct facing towards the listener. All not a big deal if the triangle distance is at least 1.75m, or as EBU recommends, not falling below 2 meters.
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