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Recently I've done a recording of a group consisting three baroque violins, baroque cello, violone and a cembalo in a nice castle hall.

CM3 as a main pair into a Mixpre. 40cm, 20 degrees more less.
Processing - since the violins stood in the line from front to the back, cembalo was in the middle so no place to make a semi circle I did some manipulation to round it a bit - so + 1db in the Mid and pan a some what to the right just of the Side what placed the last violin more to the middle of th image (MS processing). Reverb.

Wondering how do you like it. Would you use any EQ on this example? I was quite close to the group because of the public, so have a feeling that even those CM3s sound overdetailed here.Bit of the warmth would be nice?
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