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Bumping the tube issue.

I understand that RCA 12AX7s were in the OG ones but would be reluctant to buy one on ebay. Does anyone have any positive experiences with new production tubes? JJ/Genalex/Mullards etc?
Ive not done it but plan to at some point, also interested in poss swapping out the cell

Looking on goggle though Revive have done a mod which states

We do a complete audio path upgrade using premium parts for lower noise and higher headroom as well as lower distortion.

All Audio caps are swapped out for better performance using Panasonic Parts and Orange Drop Capacitors and film capacitors in the audio path for more authenticity.

Bypassing is performed where necessary for lower noise in the power supply and certain values are adjusted to more closely reflect the original design.

Power supply modifications are also performed for the lowest possible noise figures in the overall design and better current delivery.

Tubes are then swapped for more complimentary versions in the design in terms of authenticity.

Finally we modify the existing T4B to remedy the release time.

Also found a post where someone advised they swapped out tubes to Tung Sols and said it sounded better.

i cant vouch for any of the above changes it's just what I've found.