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I remember those drums back when I lived in LA. Terry had SM57 elements mounted inside each drum with an XLR connector mounted to the shell. The snare drum had two of them, one pointing up, the other pointing down.

Sounded like crap to me *.
* not only to you! :-) which is a shame as terry is one of the very rare drummers who has a sound one can immediately identify and as an engineer does not need to tweak; very rare imo (but a topic for another thread/forum)...

in later years/looong after zappa/missing persons/uk but occasionally with jeff beck (at least for one large tour) and in the following years, he got into solo drum performances (mainly sponsored by the drum and cymbal companies) - by then he got an incredible drum kit (see pic) that could not get amplified by using close mics on toms: i did lots of shows with him and used mics on nothing but kick drums, the snare drum and a single overhead (or occasionally l/c/r) - lots of fond and funny memories! he had an akg endorsement in the nineties and hence that's what i (mostly) used on his kit.

still a heck of a musician and a very nice bloke: i wish he'd get hired to play rock'n'roll more often!

p.s. did you get to engineer some of zappa's shows or were you in charge of (some of) his gear?
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