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Originally Posted by nickknack View Post
I have had both ACB versions of the tr8 and s and they are lame sounding even compared to the
Behringer RD 808.

So it would be nice if these guys come up with something nice.

RD808? Because it's so easy to hear the intricacies of the 808 sound via a compressed YouTube preliminary demo.

Or is it not the intricacies of the 808 sound you're interested in?

Because if the ACB is that lame, it's probably because you're missing the slight nuances within the sound which they admittedly don't nail 100%.

But if this is the case, how can you then claim something that isn't released yet is actually better?

This is the kind of misinformation that makes people ponder of meaningless choices as oppose to just grab a machine and make music with it.

Oh, and I've owned 909/808 and the ACB stuff. The ACB stuff is amazing. If you can't create with it, then the problem isn't the emulation.